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EARROW -What We Do

We create you exceptional customer experience so you don't have to worrying about managing high-performance infrastructure.

Email Hosting

With our email hosting solutions,  you can create your own personalized email accounts based on your domain and we'll make sure to guarantee you a secure, fast email experience with facilities. Our servers are optimized to ensure easy email management and advanced email safety.

Web And DNS Hosting

Simple, reliable and efficient web hosting offering features that are flexible and easy to use.

  • Ultimate Bandwidth
    24/7 Technical Support
    Intelligent and efficient spam protection
    Web based cintrol panel

Cloud Hosting Solutions

 We offer you easy to understand on-demand billing and flash storage that blazes past the competition. This technology comes with ,

  • Microsoft System Center
    All Flash Storage
    OS Agnostic

Off-Shore Disaster Recovery Sites

EARROW' Hosting Solutions  has partnered with in U.S.A to offer the most reliable and flexible backup solution in the world.

  • Cloud backup solutions
    Data base and file backups


Windows and Linux Managed Servers

Windows-specific technologies like ASP, .NET, MSSQL or Access on your website,  it's probably easier to get a Windows web hosting package. In all other cases, it will be easier if you get a Unix-based (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc) solution.

Virtual Hosting

Enjoy dedicated resources (processor, RAM, Disk space) and administrator access from Virtual Hosting with Lanka Hosting and enjoy,

  • Control independently,
  • Industry-leading load time and
  • Guaranteed 99.9% up-time.

Database Servers

We focus on maintaining the best processes, and tools for managing your databases. So we have carefully selected partners that are equally as focused on hosting so we don’t have to divert resources to the business of hosting.

File Servers

We host File Servers with access control where the primary function of a file server is the storage of business's critical files. MySQL and MS SQL data bases are used for this procedure. We will delivers complete visibility into what is happening across file servers while helps to detect and prevent breaches.


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